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Install Leader | Phillips Fencing

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
Install Leader | Phillips Fencing

Company Description:

Phillips Fencing, Inc. has been providing security, privacy, and beauty through our fence and deck products since 1975. Our mission is 100% Customer Satisfaction–Guaranteed. We are currently going through a growth stage and need your help. We’re very excited about the vision and direction we are headed.


Type of Employment: Full Time 
Number of Hours: 
Hours of Operation: 6:45am-3:30pm
Wages: $18-$28/ hr 
Benefits: TBD ( vacation/ bonuses / hc)


You manage the external components of the installation process. Your focus is on the completion of the end result, while staying connected to the many intricate parts and pieces. You ensure that our mission for 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is met and exceeded each day by coordinating and communicating proficiently between departments and your team, as well as with our customers. Your management and implementation of our systems is imperative to your success, as well as to the success of our team as a whole.

Responsibilities, Accountabilities & Expectations:

You work closely with the Field Operations Manager, Facilities Manager, and Office Manager. Your leadership style is very important to the success of your team and the company as a whole.

Our primary aim is to achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction; ensuring that our mission, principles, culture and goals show in all that we do.

A group of guidelines are listed below. Our company principles will continue to guide and refine our roles and responsibilities.

Management of Systems

  • Installation process and checklists
  • Installation schedule
  • Communication with team and customers
  • Interaction in AM Manager Meetings
  • Customer relations
  • Safety and regulations

Management of Resources:

  • Time–your own and others
  • Materials– product and supplies
  • Tools & equipment
  • Management of Your team:
  • Hours
  • Tasks
  • Delegation
  • Follow up

Assistance with:

  • Scheduling installs
  • Quality control
  • Inventory and supply tracking
  • Pulling orders
  • Setting up projects

Provide Office Manager and Field Installation Manager with daily reports on:

  • Performance
  • Progress
  • Improvements
  • Ideas
  • Customer satisfaction

Qualifications, Requirements or Desired Skills

The following is a list of things that make you a great fit for the position and this company. We believe in helping our team grow and develop into their positions so training will be available and ongoing.

  • You’re someone who is eager to contribute to the growth and future of the company while in return being rewarded for the results you create.
  • You are someone who strives for growth both professionally and personally, and value the benefits of a great company culture, timeless principles, and goal setting.
  • You are highly organized and detail-oriented. You may have managed projects before because you’re good at logistics and details, and you like to work systematically.
  • You’re someone who is dependable (I’m talking about VERY dependable… not the “This usually doesn’t happen, but it happened again” type). I would prefer if you were that person in grade school that got the award when moving on to middle school for perfect attendance in every grade–you have a dependable vehicle, too.
  • You’re someone who doesn’t take things personally, have feelings hurt easily, or is easily offended.
  • You stay objective and like to always use logic to make decisions.
  • You’re cool and relaxed, but always pushing to get things done. It’s important that you like to take responsibility, and your main-focus is always delivering results.
  • You enjoy working with others. You are results-driven and goal-oriented. You don’t waste time chatting the day away. You know the value of building relationships, yet there is a time and place for social-hour.
  • You’re “tech savvy” enough to operate a computer, smart phone, or tablet if necessary.
  • High School diploma
  • Valid driver license
  • Adherence to Drug and alcohol-free policy
  • Additional education preferred, specifically in fields such as business or project management, customer service, or construction.
  • Must be proficient making measurements, leveling, constructing and building
  • Must be physically, as well as mentally, capable to complete tasks
  • You can push wheelbarrow, use post hole diggers and general hand tools
  • You have experience managing yourself and others through projects
  • Experience with customer relations
  • Comprehensive knowledge of construction procedures
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work in various weather conditions
  • Have demonstrated leadership skills
  • You have good decision making and problem solving skills
  • Can delegate tasks and keep projects moving
  • Ensure accuracy of work orders prior to handing them out and make sure that time efficiency is taken into account
  • Make sure that project sites are cleaned and safe before and after a project
  • Brief crew members about how daily tasks need to be carried out
  • Ensure that all machinery and tools are available to the crew and everything is in proper order and state of maintenance
  • Ensure that all materials, supplies, tools and equipment are available for use in a time efficient manner
  • Monitor daily procedures to ensure that proper quality is maintained and that schedules are being followed
  • Create progress reports on a daily basis and ensure that all significant information is communicated to managers
  • Handle onsite incidents and emergencies in a proactive manner
  • Create and maintain positive working relationships with General Contractors or Sub-Contractors
  • Ensure periodic maintenance and proper storage of construction equipment and tools
  • Study work orders and job-layouts in detail to ensure projects are completed correctly
  • Comprehend and discuss project specifications, prepare layouts and determine dimensions
  • Measure, calculate and mark cutting lines on materials and use hand tools and / or equipment to saw or cut them
  • Plan, organize and schedule work duties for your team
  • Inspect all elements of installations to ensure conformity to standards and provided instructions
  • Establish standards for safety and performance expectations and ensure that these standards are constantly adhered to
  • Provide training regarding standard methods, practices, principles, tools and equipment used during installs
  • Communicate the need for prioritizing tasks to complete projects in a timely fashion
  • Perform performance inspections on a regular basis


  • Believing in, knowing, and performing company principles and culture.
  • Understanding the vision and the “why” of the company.
  • Knowing, following, and performing in accordance to established Operations Manual.
  • Being dependable and punctual.
  • Courteous and respectful to ALL team members, customers and others you have contact with during your day.
  • Professionalism: being in uniform; good grooming habits; no smoking on jobsites, company grounds or property
  • Adherence to the Zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy
  • Positive attitude—negativity will not be tolerated
  • Open communication within and throughout all departments. Voice suggestions as well as concerns.
  • Help build a positive and fun, family culture within the company.
  • Love what you do.
  • Leave a positive impression on the people you meet each day.
  • Practice respect and care of PFI property—this includes vehicles, equipment, tools, etc.—lack of respect results in damages, loses and expenses—therefore, reducing net profits—therefore, reducing bonuses.
  • Resourcefulness and continuous improvement in all areas of you work and life.
  • Be willing to try new ideas for the good of the customer, the organization, and for productivity.
  • Our people are our greatest assets. Our time is our greatest resource. Treat them both with care.
  • Individuals will be rewarded for their contributions as well as the collective team contributions to the org.
  • Bonus compensation will be linked directly to results. Carefully considering each expectation, as well as overall performance, both individual and as a team.

Working Conditions:

Work environment will consist primarily outdoors. There will be times, however, that you’ll need to be indoors due to indoor projects, shop work, seasonal or poor weather conditions.

Working outdoors has its pros and cons. Be prepared for both hot and cold, dry and wet conditions. If you are sensitive to these conditions this position is not for you. Always be sure you and your team are prepared each day.

Physical and Mental Requirements:

This position requires physical labor with minimal down-time during the day. You must be able to complete up to a 10-hour day of physical labor and outdoor tasks. You will be lifting, pushing, twisting and turning while completing some of your day-to-day tasks.

The responsibilities of managing projects, schedules, and your team can prove challenging; requiring a strong, positive attitude and sustained energy outputs. Take short breaks to remain fresh and focused.

Direct Reports:

Install team

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