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Firework Oreos, Do They Really Pop In Your Mouth?

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
Firework Oreos, Do They Really Pop In Your Mouth?

So I had just talked about the newest flavor of Oreos on the air, “Firework” Oreos, and low and behold there they were when I went grocery shopping last night. I generally don’t even hit the sweets/treats isle, but this was an exception as they would be a shared treat at the station.

The latest creation seems to be an “America” themed cookie, with pop candy in the creme filling. Basically, think of Pop Rocks candy that you may have had as a kid, they snap and pop in your mouth.

Upon opening the bag (assuming this isn’t on other Oreos packages), there were even three seperate tabs that you pulled apart creating an initial firework bang as you opened the package. Clever. On to the cookie, which others reported to taste just like regular Oreos, and if fact they do. Now the big question, does the creme filling actually have the popping effect? Well, yes it does. You can even see the little colored specs. If you want more of a Pop Rocks effect though, you’ll need to actually scrape the creme off and consume it alone.

 "Pop candy" in the creme of the Firework Oreo

“Pop candy” in the creme of the Firework Oreo

Oh, and a claim to Oreo fame.



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