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Is It Really For The Birds?

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3

With all the NEW and improved information on how to attract humming birds that is out there I am taking a new path this year.  I have made a delicious mixture of sugar and water….boiled and cooled it and did NOT add red food coloring like I have done many, many times in the past.   Experts say that the food coloring can harm the little fellas.  I was not aware of that.  To further complicate this issue while shopping at the garden center section today…what did I spy?  A number of powered mixes that all have dyes in them.  To out fox any super sensitive humming bird that may stop over for a drink, I have added a big flower pot that contains the Lantana flower.  The experts also say that humming birds fly right to that flower.   I will keep you posted!

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