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First Tidbit Of The Day: Kids Who Don’t Drink Cow’s Milk Are Shorter

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First Tidbit Of The Day: Kids Who Don't Drink Cow's Milk Are Shorter

In yesterday’s First Tidbit, I told you about a new survey that shows 7% of people believe chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Today’s First Tidbit is about another interesting milk factoid: Children who drink alternatives to dairy milk, including soy, almond or rice milks, appear to be slightly shorter than their peers who drink cow’s milk, according to new research.┬áThe study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that for each cup of non-cow’s milk children drank per day, they were 0.4 centimeters shorter than the average for their age. Conversely, for each daily cup of cow’s milk they drank, children were 0.2 centimeters taller than average. So since I’m 6’3″, I drank a lot of milk growing up! I know some farmers who will say they knew it all along, but what do you think? Does drinking dairy milk make you taller? Oh, and what if you drink goat’s milk? Will you want to eat every blade of grass in the yard?

Read more on the study here.


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