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I Wanna Party With This Guy!

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
I Wanna Party With This Guy!

How much does it cost to party with Rob Gronkowski for a night? More than most people make in a year … ’cause Gronk and Co. racked up a HUGE $100k tab at a casino nightclub over the weekend. TMZ Sports obtained the itemized receipt for Gronk and his 20-man party crew at Shrine at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut this weekend. According to a PR rep for the Shrine bar who says the receipt is legit. It’s pretty awesome. In total, Gronk’s gang tore through 160 bottles of chanpagne including:

– 18 bottles of Ace of Spades Rose: $18,000

– 15 bottles of Dom Perignon Rose: $27,000

There’s more … including 16 bottles of Grey Goose for $10,400, 45 orders of Maker’s Mark, 24 shots of Jim Beam Fire, 3 bottles of Don Julio 1942. These guys weren’t messin’ around.

It’s unclear who footed the bill (most likely the casino) … but it’s not like Gronk can’t afford it anyway — dude’s gonna make more than $4 mil next year.

It’s good to be Gronk.



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