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The KICKS 106.3 Morning Trend: “Fawning” Over A Pool!

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
The KICKS 106.3 Morning Trend: "Fawning" Over A Pool!

In today’s KICKS Morning Trend, we have adorable video of a fawn that has found a great place to cool off every day since June 14 in New Jersey, when Brittney Benincasa first saw the deer in her pool. At first she thought the fawn had fallen in her pool, then she saw it step off the side and into the water. Not only did the deer get in, it swam laps and seemed to enjoy the jets and the rushing water that came out of them. Benincasa thinks the deer likes her pool because it has a dark bottom, which probably makes the animal think it is a pond, and she uses salt-based chemicals instead of chlorine. Take a look:


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