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$185 Prada Paperclip Confuses and Amuses Online

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
$185 Prada Paperclip Confuses and Amuses Online

Internet users are doing double-takes on the website for high-end retailer Barneys, which is offering a Prada paperclip for a staggering $185. The item, officially a “Paperclip-Shaped Money Clip,” is listed for $185¬†on the website. The description for the money clip, which is embossed with the word “Prada” on one side, states that it’s made from polished sterling silver and measures about 2.5 inches by .8 inches. Customers looking to save $35 can get a similar paperclip from Barneys that lacks the prestige of a Prada logo.

A $185.00 paperclip? You gotta be kidding. And don’t try to call it a money clip. It’s a paperclip.




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