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Take It For Granted

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3

You jump in the car and away you go.  You jump in the car and away you go then the CHECK ENGINE SOON lights comes on.  Now you are wondering if it is just a little nothing or will you car be breaking down soon.  Do you gamble or do you pull over and schedule an appointment with your dealership?  In the old days…I do remember a very used vehicle we had and the dash lights never went off.  So I did use a small piece of electrical tape to cover it up.  Out of sight out of mind kind of thing.  Times have changed and I guess I have too.  I called the dealership got in right away and then the computer fixed the issue with an update of sorts.  So I still am wondering if the electrical tape would have worked just as well?  I guess I will never know.

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