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First Tidbit Of The Day: One “Hail” Of A Storm!

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
First Tidbit Of The Day: One "Hail" Of A Storm!

Yeah, you’re gonna hear that a lot today after the intense storm that passed through the area last night. It’ll rank right up there with, “Hot enough for ya?” It was a pretty wild storm, though. Where Deb and I live, at the most intense point I was having trouble seeing the street out in front of our house! And yes, we got the hail like you wouldn’t believe. The picture to the left is just three of the hailstones that fell in our yard, and they had already started melting when I snapped the photo. Golf ball sized indeed! If you have any pictures from last nights storm, we’d love to see them. Post them here or on ourĀ Facebook page.


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