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The KICKS 106.3 Morning Trend: Go Granny, Go!

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
The KICKS 106.3 Morning Trend: Go Granny, Go!

Fans attending the July 10 game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Kansas City Royals were treated to a bit more of a show than they expected.  Seems an elderly fan became a little too excited, and flashed the entire crowd, plus all the folk watching the video that has now gone viral.

First the Dodger Stadium crew caught the woman on its dance cam, where she received loud applause for her dance moves. But then she ended with a flash, pulling up her blouse to expose her bra, to gasps and even more applause from the audience of baseball fans. Who knows if it was incentive of not, but the Dodgers went on to win 5-4 in extra innings.

Take a look:


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