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The KICKS 106.3 Morning Trend: Teamwork Saves Lives!

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
The KICKS 106.3 Morning Trend: Teamwork Saves Lives!

In today’s KICKS 106.3 Morning Trend, a line of 80 people, most of them strangers to each other, formed a human chain to help rescue a family who had become trapped by a rip current off the Gulf of Mexico near Panama City, Florida, and the video is amazing. Roberta Ursrey and multiple members of her family were swimming under yellow-flag conditions , and after leaving the water, Ursrey saw that two of her sons were in trouble, and went back to help them, but she also was caught in the rip current and they were all trapped. Jessica Simmons saw what was going on, called to her husband, and the two ran to the beach. Others saw what was happening and followed the, forming the human chain that ultimately was able to rescue the family. Ursrey’s mother had a heart attack during all the confusion, and is still in the hospital.


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