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STUDY: Happy Cows Produce More Milk. Tell Us Something We Didn’t Already Know!

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
STUDY: Happy Cows Produce More Milk. Tell Us Something We Didn't Already Know!

A new UW study has confirmed what we Wisconsin residents already know: The happier a cow is, the more milk they will produce. James Juedes, owner of Pleasant View Dairy says he believes this puts an end to the old question of if the happiest cows come from California or Wisconsin. “Definitely Wisconsin,” he said. “We have the four seasons. Out there (in California), its all once season. Cows get bored with just all one season. Our cheese tastes so much better. Just put it to an end. There’s no comparison, none whatsoever. Wisconsin all the way.” The study gave many tips on how to keep cows happy including things like keeping them cool or even a good scratch. “Because cows like to rub and get the hair off of their back. And there’s scratching posts and wheels and things like that where the cows can go and rub. I mean, who doesn’t like a good back massage when you can get it?” said Juedes. The study also says that happier cows will eat less and thus save farmers money in the long run. Read more on the study here.

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