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Adidas’ Food Shoes Will Make You Hungry for New Footwear [PIC]

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
Adidas' Food Shoes Will Make You Hungry for New Footwear [PIC]

Adidas and Refinery29 recently partnered to give the people what they really want: sneakers that look like food. The companies invited 11 female artists to create 50 limited edition Ultraboost X sneakers, each designed to represent one of the 50 states. Several of the shoes ended up looking like its state’s most notable food item — New Jersey, for example, got a pizza shoe — while other sneakers were decorated with its state’s most noteworthy flower or gemstone. The artists who designed the shoes used materials like sand, thread, clay, fake flowers and more in their work.

Of course Wisconsin shoes just have to be cheese. I would have chose beer myself.

Here’s my other favorite shoe: The Pizza Shoe, created for New Jersey.



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