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Pet Translators Could Be Here Soon

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3

Have you ever wondered what your pet is actually trying to tell you? For real, like are they telling you to #$% off, or just want you to rub their belly?!

Amazon thinks that you may have that technology available for you pet within a decade, not really that far away considering the how much this could be a game changer for pet owners!

Let’s sum up the things your dog says/asks of you:

  1. I want some food.
  2. I want to go for a walk.
  3. I wand a belly rub.
  4. Throw the ball please.
  5. Throw the ball again please.


From The Guardian

Now, the idea of talking animals has resurfaced as part of Amazon’s “Shop The Future” concept, but this time it seems more serious. It’s mainly focused on dogs, though in principle it could be adapted for other domestic animals like cats – maybe even tortoises. The core of the technology would be a collar that monitors precisely how the animal is moving. When it recognises from those movements that the animal wants something, the “speaking” part of the collar activates. For example, when the dog scratches at the back door, the collar might say “I need to go out!”. The speech part of the collar can be programmed to speak in the owner’s interpretation of their pet’s “voice” – which should incidentally provide scope for all manner of humour, both intended and unintended.

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