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Another Singing Competition? Do We Really Need This?

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
Another Singing Competition? Do We Really Need This?

So we have “The Voice”, “America’s Got Talent”, and “American Idol” is returning. Do we really need another singing competition show? Apparently Fox thinks we do. Fox clearly isn’t taking its loss of American Idol to ABC lying down: the network is launching a brand-new singing competition. The show, called The Four, starts with four finalists who’ve been chosen by the show’s yet-to-be-named panel of music industry experts.  Each singer will then defend his or her spot by trying to out-perform new contestants who want to replace them.  If they fail, they go home, and the challenger takes their place. The interactive part of the competition comes with the challengers: they’ll be made up of viewers who think they’re better than the finalists.  They’ll submit audition videos which will be streamed online, and then America will help decide who’ll actually make it onto the show. At the end of the season, the four finalists — whomever they end up being — then have to face off against each other, and one will be the champion.  At that point the panel of experts will become the winner’s team and help launch their career.

You would assume that they do skads of research before they decide that we need yet another reality show like this, but do you think we really want another “Voice” or “Idol”? Will you be watching?



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