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Colorado Springs Has A Mad Pooper Running Around

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
Colorado Springs Has A Mad Pooper Running Around

Strange stories come from many places, not just Florida. (Although they probably take the cake with their weirdness lol)

This one is from Colorado Springs, CO, where a female jogger has been pooping in a families yard, and right in front of the kids! It’s happened muliple times now, and the owner of the house has even approached her to tell her to stop. Although the map pooper apoligized the first time, the rude behavior has continued. This doesn’t seem to be a revenge poop however, as the family doesn’t even know the woman.

The police have asked the homeowner to take photos to help identify her, and with those and how viral this story has gone, I’m sure we’ll know the identity of thee mad pooper very soon.

Perhaps you are just as curious as me, to know just what could possibly be her explanation for defecating in this families yard while she is on her daily jog, especially since there is a park with a restroom across the street… -GM

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