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Better Get An iPhone X Fast, Unless You’re Like Joanie!

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
Better Get An iPhone X Fast, Unless You're Like Joanie!

It’s gonna be so hot! The iPhone X is due out soon, but if you don’t get your hands on one early, be warned that you might be left waiting for months into 2018 to snap one up. They are scheduled to be released November 3rd, and can be pre-ordered in late October. I asked Jonie if she was interested in snatching one up, and she just laughed at me. She’s really smart phone challenged and says she wants one of the Jitterbug smart phones because it has BIG numbers on the screen and only a few little options to worry about! Here she is with her current “slider” phone and the Jitterbug she wants. Are you smart phone challenged like Joanie?


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