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Here’s A Happy Ending To Last Week’s Lost Ring Story.

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Here's A Happy Ending To Last Week's Lost Ring Story.

Here’s an update on the “little plop” heard ’round the world. If you’ll remember from last week, Seth Dixon and Ruth Salas likely thought they’d never find Salas’ $3,000 engagement ring again after Dixon accidentally dropped it off a wooden footbridge and into a pond while proposing in Kansas City. But a good samaritan named Michael Long has a metal detector, so he thought he’d try to find the ring before someone else found it. Long says it took him hours, spread out over two days, to find the ring, but he finally unearthed what he was looking for on Saturday. But here’s the kicker: Dixon and Salas appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday, where they re-created the ill-fated proposal, then accepted a brand-new diamond ring from Kimmel to replace their lost one. And yes, they told the Kimmel staff that the first ring had been found, but Jimmy insisted they keep it!



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