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My Favorite CMN Hospitals Radiothon Moment

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
My Favorite CMN Hospitals Radiothon Moment

Over the years, we have had so many great moments at the CMN Hospitals Radiothons. But for me, my favorite memory happens every year. That’s when my buddy Sam Malin drops by with his family to share Sam’s story. Sam is from Westby and was born with Down syndrome. Sure, I love hearing his story every year, but what makes Sam’s visit so fun is that, well….we dance! Kind of. You see, Sam’s favorite song is “Wipe Out”. And he’s got this great routine where we just wiggle in place until the drum solo starts, and then we drop to our backs and kick our fee in the air. I think it’s actually called the Alligator, but all I know is that Sam does it with incredible enthusiasm, and I’m honored that he wants me to join him! And the Radiothon isn’t the only time we’ve hit the floor. I had the pleasure of DJ’ing his sister, Brittany’s wedding dance back in 2014, and have done a bunch of dances that Sam has been at. I’ll never pass up the chance to Alligator with my buddy, and I’m looking forward to it again this year! For more info on this year’s Radiothon, click here.



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