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Mehhhh, What’s Up Doc?

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
Mehhhh, What's Up Doc?

Christopher Qualley has a new feather, uh, carrot in his cap. The Minnesota gardener has grown a 22.44 pound carrot on his far in Otsego. It was his second attempt to take home this world record. The farmer credits the soil, seed, weather and a little luck in helping him set the record. “I am relatively new to this hobby and my strategy was to imitate what all of the experienced growers across the world were doing,” he explained. “The number one thing that every single top grower says is that your soil is the most important thing, so that is what I focused on. Without the proper soil you giants will never reach their potential.” Qualley’s next goal is to grow a record tomato or pumpkin. This year he had one tomato that weighed 7.07 pounds, just 1.5 pounds less than the world record for tomatoes.




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