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Is This Tasteless, Or Are We Too Sensitive?

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
Is This Tasteless, Or Are We Too Sensitive?

There are a lot of terrible Halloween costumes out there, but this one has created quite the controversy on social media: Online retailer featured “Anne Frank costume for girls,” a costume that included a beret, brown satchel bag, and a blue dress pinned with a destination tag. “We can always learn from the struggles of history!” the website’s copy began, with an eerily gleeful exclamation point. “Now, your child can play the role of a World War II hero with this girls World War II costume.” Social media noticed the costume and pointed out that a child who hid for years in an attic to avoid systemic genocide before eventually perishing along with most of her family in a death camp might not be the best choice for Halloween look. The costume has since been removed from the website.



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