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A Maryland Woman’s 98th Birthday Pics Have Gone Viral

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
A Maryland Woman's 98th Birthday Pics Have Gone Viral

When it comes time to plan your 98th birthday party, you can take some tips from a fun-loving Maryland grandma whose celebration photos have gone viral. Meet Grandma Gladys, or Grams for short, and be prepared to be impressed. Grams had everything a lady needs when celebrating a milestone birthday: cake, balloons, flowers, wine, a brightly colored tutu, a fabulous attitude, and she even dyed her hair blue! Her granddaughter says she thought a photo shoot would be a fun way for her to commemorate the occasion. It certainly was, and the pics have now gone viral! My favorite is the one where she pops the cork on a bottle of champaign!


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