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Veterinarians Perform Surgery on Bear’s 7 lb. Tongue!

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
Veterinarians Perform Surgery on Bear's 7 lb. Tongue!

Talk about a freaky picture of the day! Here’s the story of anĀ Asiatic black bear named Nyan Htoo who lives with his brother in a Myanmar monastery. The bear recently underwent emergency surgery to remove 7 pounds of tissue from a tongue so large he couldn’t keep it in his mouth. Instead, Nyan htoo dragged it on the floor, and the weight of the tongue fatigued him so much that he often had to rest his head against the side of his cage. A group of veterarians heard about his condition, which they speculate was either a genetic issue or a form of elephantiasis, and performed a four-hour surgery to reduce the size of Nyan’s tongue. He’s now playing with his brother again, though he’ll have a learning curve in adapting to day-to-day tasks without his giant tongue.



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