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A Wedding Video That’S Off The Charts For The “Awww” Factor

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
A Wedding Video That'S Off The Charts For The “Awww” Factor

This video is going to really going to pull at your heartstrings: Maxen River Pierce, nine months old, wanted to do the job he had been assigned at the wedding of his parents, David and Roselee Pierce, which was to deliver the rings to the happy couple. He was even set up to ride down the aisle in a remote-controlled car so that he would be sure to make it to the front of the church with the rings. Mom and Dad didn’t take into consideration one thing – young children tend to fall asleep when they get sleepy, and that’s exactly what happened with young Maxen. Within seconds after the car is being sent down the aisle, the youngster leans his head over to the side of the car and is sound asleep. Maxen’s dad just thinks he was being his usual self. “He’s quite the character and has a tendency to steal the show. He has quite the personality. He’s just hilarious. He’s just a superstar on a daily basis.”


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