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Most Popular Thanksgiving Foods In Each State

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
Most Popular Thanksgiving Foods In Each State

My mouth is already drooling in anticipation for Thanksgiving, which is a huge holiday for my family. And with a big family comes a lot of food, and I’m talking a lot.

Call me traditional, but my favorite item at the table for T-day is definitely the turkey…and ham. Yeah I’m going with both! However, when it comes to all of the other dishes, green been casserole is going to be on that faves list as well! My mother makes the best, which I’m sure has in part to do with recipe handed down from her mom. With that being said, green bean casserole is, in fact, the most popular Thanksgiving dish in Minnesota!

To put this chart together, General Mills collected data from top recipe searches on,, and the cooking website from November 1, 2016 through Thanksgiving Day 2016. They compiled the state-by-state findings into a map so we could see what Americans like to chow down on during the holiday!

I have to say, shrimp for Wisconsin? I mean, I enjoy shrimp cocktail, but as the favorite for people in Wisconsin seems a bit odd.

So, what’s your favorite food at the Thanksgiving table?

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