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Divorce Is Expensive

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
Divorce Is Expensive

It’s unfortunate in the first place, ultimately deciding that you and the significant other just can’t work out your issues. But sometimes, that really is the better option for some couples.

Divorces aren’t cheap, and although there are certainly cheaper ways than others to make the divorce official, depending on your situation you may need to shell out some big bucks.

24/7 Wall St. looked at the average cost of a divorce based on data from a lawyer marketing service—including attorney fees, court filing costs, and other legal fees—and found that the Golden State is the one where ending a marriage will cost you the most. Nationally, divorce attorney fees are, on average, $250 per hour, but in some major metropolitan areas they’ll set you back $500 per hour!

If it helps, just be glad your state isn’t on the top ten list… -GM

1.    California: $17,500
2.    New York: $17,100
3.    Delaware: $16,200
4.    Massachusetts: $15,900
5.    New Jersey: $15,600
6.    Texas: $15,600
7.    Connecticut: $15,500
8.    Georgia: $14,700
9.    Colorado: $14,500
10.  Virginia: $14,500

33.  Iowa: $11,700

35.  Minnesota: $11,400

37.  Wisconsin: $11,300

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