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Mention These Foods On Your Dating Profile For More Dates

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Mention These Foods On Your Dating Profile For More Dates

Dating is weird these days. It really is.

We swipe left, we swipe right, and send messages to strangers that may never message back. Like it or not, online dating is a huge part of the dating life though, and having a proper profile could be the key to finding that perfect match for you. Things like having your dog in a picture are good, while ten cats, not as much lol. Pictures of the kids? Not actually the best bet either. Even the foods you mention makes a pretty big difference on how many matches you will get!

Researchers at Zoosk analyzed 3,733,185 dating profiles and 364,609,566 first messages to find out how mentioning different foods and food-related phrases affects online daters’ romantic interactions.

They also surveyed over 7,000 singletons to get some insight into how food and dating intersect.

Interestingly, Zoosk found that not only mentioning food but also the specific ones you express a love of can have a big impact on your dating success.

The best food to mention? Guacamole. The avo-based dip could score you a 144 per cent increase in messages.

Guac scores a long way higher than the second most attractive food too, which is potatoes on 101 per cent, followed by chocolate on 100 per cent.

Here are the top foods to mention in your profile and the increase in inbound messages they receive:

  • Guacamole    144%
  • Potatoes    101%
  • Chocolate    100%
  • Salad    97%
  • Sushi    93%
  • Avocado    91%
  • Pasta    75%
  • Cheese    75%
  • Cake    72%
  • Burger    68%
  • Banana    66%
  • Biscuit    64%
  • Ice cream    62%
  • Fries    61%
  • Seafood    61%
  • Sandwich    55%
  • Steak    51%
  • Junk food    50%
  • Pizza    48%
  • Hot dog    41%
  • Sausage    30%
  • Eggplant    25%
  • Taco    24%
  • Ribs    20%
  • Bbq    17%
  • Burrito    17%
  • Pho    6%
  • Noodles    3%

Steer clear of fried chicken BTW, it could result in 15 per cent fewer matches. -GM



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