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The Sexy Christmas Belovesie…Very Disturbing

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
The Sexy Christmas Belovesie...Very Disturbing

If you’re looking to make a new fashion statement this Christmas, Utah-based online clothing brand┬áBeloved┬ámakes something called the “Belovesie,” which is a long-sleeve, unusually-patterned onesie for grownups. It zippers all the way up from deep crotch to the top of your head, completely covering your face. That alone is best described as “disconcerting.” But now you’ve got to see the Sexy Christmas Belovesie with a likeness of Santa on it that has nothing sexy about it. In fact it’s pretty scary. Oh, and it can be had online for $129.95!



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