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Here’s The Worst Christmas Candy, Ranked

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Here's The Worst Christmas Candy, Ranked

A lot of money will be spent on candy this Christmas season, and when I say a lot, I mean a lot.

$1.93 billion dollars, on candy…alone. Woah.

So with all the options out there, there are going to be some that just don’t satisfy the taste buds as well as others. surveyed more than 13,000 of its customers to find out the most-hated holiday sweets. From that survey, here are 11 of the worst-rated Christmas candies.

BTW, I don’t think candy canes should be on this list, just because they are such an iconic Christmas and holiday symbol, plus it’s peppermint flavored, so you can put them in hot chocolate, on presents as added decor (that you can eat), etc.

I will agree that Peeps (no matter what holiday), ribbon candy, and reindeer corn (it’s candy corn, we all know that) do belong on this list.

Why so much hate for the “Christmas tree nougat” though? Yeah I know they aren’t the greatest, but they don’t taste that bad. Well, to each their own. -GM

#11 Peppermint candy canes

The face of the holiday season, and aPhoto Credit:

The face of the holiday season, and a typical adornment to any Christmas tree, the classic candy cane made the list as an honorable mention.
Customer comments:
“I know everyone loves these, but it drives me crazy! They are hard to unwrap, become a slobbery mess and most of them end up in the trash half-eaten or untouched.”
“Flavor equals good. Inevitable sharpening into a dangerous stabbing weapon equals bad.”
“Hate. Hate. Hate. Why does everyone love these? Which global corporation pushed these into our idea of everyday Christmas?”

#10 Old-fashioned hard candy mix compared this candy to Photo Credit: compared this candy to “a bowl of marbles that have been around since your grandmother’s parents played with them in the 1920s.”
Customer comments:
“I was forced to be polite and eat these when I was little. Death to the old-fashioned mixed candies.”
“They’re not even sweet. Was sugar rare in the olden days?”
“That old striped hard candy mix is like sucking on rocks.”

#9 Ribbon candy

Ribbon candy is considered, by many, to bePhoto Credit:

Ribbon candy is considered, by many, to be decorative on the outside and disastrous on the inside. referred to this as “the candy equivalent of, ‘he has a great personality.’ ”
Customer comments:
“Whatever that ribbon stuff is, it isn’t candy. There should be a sign that says NOT FOOD.”
“My sister loves the ribbon candy, but she never eats it. Because, duh it’s nasty and awkward.”
“It should be a crime to call this stuff candy.”
“The worst Christmas non-candy candy.”

#8 Non-peppermint candy canes

The candy cane phenomenon has been taken tooPhoto Credit:

The candy cane phenomenon has been taken too far, according to consumers. Although peppermint candy canes received an honorable mention, consumers nixed any other candy cane flavor.
Customer comments:
“Those other candy cane flavors are just weird. Don’t try so hard, candy canes.”
“Rainbow candy canes are a disgusting trick to lure you in.”
“It’s all those other candy canes, you know? Not the red and white ones. Why they do that?”

#7 White peppermint M&M’s

Mars is known to create seasonal M&M's forPhoto Credit: Mars

Mars is known to create seasonal M&M’s for virtually every holiday. Unfortunately, some of the flavors are a flop, according to
Customer comments:
“Super weird flavor. I just stick with the regular ones. Can’t go wrong.”
“The peppermint M&M’s. Nope.”

#6 Lifesavers Story Books

These festive candies are packaged to resemble aPhoto Credit: Wm. Wrigley Jr.

These festive candies are packaged to resemble a Christmas story booklet, but consumers aren’t having it. It seems like there isn’t a problem with the flavor of the Lifesavers themselves, but with the presentation of the ring-shaped candy rolls that is turning people away.
Customer comments:
“As if the packaging of Lifesavers wasn’t bad enough. Now they try this stuff. Please.”
“Putting Santa on a box does not make LifeSavers festive.”
“They’re not the worst candy per se, but the LifeSavers story book boxes were always such a disappointment.”

#5 Chocolate-covered cherry cordials

Gooey candy is often a good thing, butPhoto Credit:

Gooey candy is often a good thing, but according to customers, the classic cherry cordials just don’t work. It appears the candy juice on the inside and the mixture of cherries and chocolate doesn’t appeal much to consumers.
Customer comments:
“Those chocolates that are filled with liquid and a nasty cherry. Dude. Gross.”
“Chocolate cordial cherries. What is the water inside? Ew.”
“The cherry inside of chocolate things. What?”

#4 Peppermint bark customers can't agree on peppermint bark. AlthoughPhoto Credit: customers can’t agree on peppermint bark. Although the candy was a contender in the ‘Most popular Christmas candy in each U.S. state’ survey, many seem to disagree. The addition of white chocolate, the runt of the chocolate family, to this treat significantly diminishes its already lackluster quality, and with little to no crispiness and crunch, peppermint bark made it to number four on the list.
Customer comments:
“We call peppermint bark Grinch vomit. Because it looks like Christmas vomit.”
“I feel like Peppermint bark doesn’t live up to the pictures. It should be better.”
“Candy cane bark. I can’t stand that stuff.”
“Peppermint bark because it melts in your hands in a gross way.”

#3 Peeps

The site admits to considering holiday Peeps Photo Credit: Just Born, Inc.

The site admits to considering holiday Peeps “rubbery Styrofoam … pure concentrated sugar with a coating of sugar on the outside … horrendous.” The website also gives a thumbs down to the peppermint bark flavored Peep, “that is dipped in what is called chocolate, but is more like brown candle wax,” and wouldn’t recommend consumers try any festive Peeps at all.
Customer comments:
“Do Peeps count? They have Christmas ones now. If so, they get all three of my three top votes.”
“Peeps snowmen. Nice try, Peeps, but it’s still a Peep.”
“The Christmas Peeps got to be up there. There’s a whole bunch of them now, all gross.”

#2 Reindeer corn

A regular around Halloween, candy corn has nowPhoto Credit:

A regular around Halloween, candy corn has now festively overstayed its welcome into December as reindeer corn, and customers didn’t hold back about their distaste for it.
Customer comments:
“Last year, my in-laws busted out Christmas candy corn. Do we have to do candy corn for every holiday now?”
“The green and red candy corns. Who are they fooling? It’s the same nasty stuff.”
“The filthy Christmas colored candy corns. Ick.”
“The answer for worst candy is always candy corn. Seasons don’t matter.”

#1 Christmas tree nougat

Considered Photo Credit:

Considered “a poker chip that you can only cash in for sadness” by, Christmas tree nougats tops the list. The consistency, stickiness when chewing and an overbearing, false minty flavor, are just a few reasons given by the candy retailer.
Customer comments:
“The Christmas tree nougat candies. My kids spit one out in my hand every year.”
“The nougat with the tree on it. So, so bad.”
“The winner is Christmas nougat. It’s always stale and so, so gross.”
“No one ever eats that stuff and I feel like the nougat gnomes come around and collect it to sell the next year. Hard and stale, and the flavor is unholy.”

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