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2 Year-Old Steals A Baby Jesus

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
2 Year-Old Steals A Baby Jesus

There’s nothing cuter this time of year than small children recreating the nativity scene at a church Christmas service. But a Tennessee church’s preschool nativity play went spectacularly awry when a 2-year-old “sheep” kidnapped the baby Jesus from the manger. Tana Benson posted a video to Facebook showing the First Baptist Church of White Pine’s Nativity play, which featured her daughter, Teegan, 2, playing the role of sheep. The video shows Teegan grab the baby Jesus out of the manger and dance with him while the young girl playing Mary struggled to regain control of the holy infant and the play. “She just really wanted that baby Jesus,” Benson said. The video is really adorable!



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