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A Mystery In Canada Has Been Solved

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
A Mystery In Canada Has Been Solved

Police say they’ve found the owner of a wayward Pepsi machine discovered in a New Brunswick potato field. The vending machine was one of two found abandoned in a field southwest of Grand Falls, New Brunswick, on Sept. 29 by workers clearing a potato field. One of the vending machine was traced to a local Walmart, but the serial number on the Pepsi machine didn’t match reports of any stolen machines. After their investigation went nowhere, police¬†issued a press release on Wednesday¬†with a photo of an apparently intact machine lying on its back and asked for the public’s help. Within four hours, a Pepsi representative had contacted them and helped police track down its owner — the same Walmart in Grand Falls. He said the machines had been stripped of all contents and money, and no longer works.

The question we have is, how could the Walmart not notice it was missing a pop machine?!?


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