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German liver sausages is also known as Leberwurst, liverwurst and braunschweiger. Like other traditional foods, there is no set recipe for either. Just like there is no set recipe for tuna-noodle-casserole, everyone seems to make it a bit different but anyone can still identify it for what it is. Leberwurst, Liverwurst and Braunschweiger (liver sausage in German) are made from pork liver, both have added spices to give them flavor. Braunschweiger is generally smoked – but liver sausage generally is not, however, Although they are pretty close to each other, Braunschweiger gets its name from a town in Germany called Braunschweig. While liver sausage is a more generic term used to describe many different types of liver based sausages. Liver Sausage can be smooth and speadable like Braunschweiger

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