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So Much Entertainment, So Little Time!

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
So Much Entertainment, So Little Time!

I’m a little biased when it comes to Family Fest, I’ll admit it. My favorite part has got to be the entertainment. I know it stems from my love of “putting on a show.” I so enjoy being in charge of the stage, running the sound for people, making sure everything goes according to plan. The thing about Family Fest is that we have such great local talent to show you again this year. From dance studios to self-defense demos and everything in between. But from my perch just off the Central Animal Hospital stage,  I love to watch the reaction you folks have to what’s happening on stage. When the kids from the dance studios are strutting their stuff, it’s cool to see the pride on the faces of the parents and grand parents. There’s nothing like watching your kid up on stage, is there?

And we always strive to make our event as interactive as possible. Last year we had a Norwegian dance group do a really cool demo. The best part was when they came off the stage and invited people to join them on the floor. Take a look:

So make sure you check out as much of the entertainment as possible this year. Our schedule will be out very soon so you can plan your day with us. Remember, Family Fest is totally free! Oh and speaking of free, the fist 125 families through the door will receive free tickets to the final home game of the La Crosse Showtime on March 4th, and everyone gets free passes to Mt. Olympus in the Dells this year! Oh, and don’t forget we have new hours this year, 11am-4pm!

Family Fest in brought to you by Altra Federal Credit Union, Gundersen Health System, Central Animal Hospital and News 8.


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