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How To Skip Valentine’s Day

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No date this Valentine’s Day? No care about Valentine’s Day?

There are plenty of things you can do to occupy your time after work on VD, so do whatever makes you happy! Although I didn’t create this list, I do agree with a couple of the suggestions. Now it may not be glamorous, but the laundry has to be done, so be productive and get at it! Perhaps throw on your favorite series or movie while you are waiting for the cycles to finish lol. Volunteering is also a good option. You will not only feel better about yourself, but you will be helping others, and not sitting at home moping about not being on a date. I don’t condone taking drugs to fall asleep btw, but you do you.

Oh, and if you are going out with your significant other and actually celebrating the holiday, enjoy!

1. Take Tylenol PM At 6 PM

Sleep is healthy, right!? Skip the evening by getting an enormous night’s sleep.

2. Do Your Laundry

Because that’s a responsible, adult thing to do a normal Wednesday, and Feb. 14 is a normal Wednesday, remember?

3. Go On A Mini Vacay

Assuming you can casually take Wednesday off from work, fly somewhere where they don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, and make it back by Thursday. In a pinch, the middle of the woods somewhere will do nicely.

4. Go Hang Out At An Airport Bar

Buy a cheap ticket, put your bum in the security line, and sit at the most appropriate bar to be at alone on Valentine’s Day: an airport bar! So random, but so very fun.

5. Volunteer

This suggestion is actually a pretty good and serious idea — if you’re volunteering, you’re not really “skipping” Valentine’s Day, you’re just doing a really kind and generous thing for others. This is my most serious suggestion.

I hope that if you feel like skipping V Day this year, you feel less alone and more in my club. The day is weird, and even the “single people” traditions of getting drunk or hanging out with friends can make you want to nope on out of Wednesday and fast forward to Thursday. Cheers to skipping holidays, an underrated yet challenging thing to do.

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