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Why Is Social Media Is All Concerned About Asparagus?

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Why Is Social Media Is All Concerned About Asparagus?

Over the past few days, people have been frantically searching for clues about whether asparagus causes cancer. After a study in the Journal Nature suggested that a compound called asparagine (which is found in the vegetable) may help spread an aggressive form of breast cancer in the body, searches for terms like ‘asparagus causes cancer’ and ‘asparagus breast cancer’ soared. But fear not! For one thing, the research was done only in mice, and hasn’t been performed in humans. Plus, asparagine wasn’t found to cause cancer, even in the mice studied. The compound merely made triple-negative breast cancer spread more quickly around the tiny rodent bodies. So enjoy your asparagus, unless you’re like John and won’t go near the stuff! In fact, here’s what John looks like when I offered to make him some asparagus:



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