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It Must Be Nice To Be An Oscars Presenter!

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
It Must Be  Nice To Be An Oscars Presenter!

If you ask us, this is nuts. Those in the movie business get the unique perk of not only earning millions for a starring role, but also receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of free and extravagant gifts just for being a presenter at the Academy Awards this Sunday in Hollyweird. Take a look at the list of thing in their “Swag Bags”:



A 12-Night Trip to Zanzibar and Tanzania (That’s in eastern Africa) valued at upwards of $11, 300.oo per person.

A Week’s Worth of Spa Treatments valued at more than $1000.00.

23andMe DNA Testing Kit (Hmm) valued at $190.00.

A Six-Night Trip in Hawaii (C’mon, really!?!) valued at $3000.00.

Ten Personal Training Sessions at $500.00 per hour.

A Stay at a Luxurious Greek Resort that runs more than $460.00 per night.

Color-Changing Lipstick (That’s really a thing?) valued at $22.00

Chocolatines’ chocolate “Chocouture Jewlery Box,” worth $86

Hundreds of dollars worth of Le Cèline false eyelashes

My Magic Mud toothpaste, worth $20

Access to a new dating app called “NeverMissed” before it launches.

Jonaie and I are hoping we get invited to be presenters next year! Fat chance, we know!



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