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Here’s How Mothers Are Making Thousands Selling Breast Milk

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
Here's How Mothers Are Making Thousands Selling Breast Milk

First of all, do you not find it a bit odd that someone would want to drink a complete strangers breast milk?

Some mothers are making many thousand of dollars by selling their breast milk to body builders, who claim that it’s good for building muscle mass. Apparantly protein shakes and other supplements aren’t good enough lol.

One woman in particular says she’s raked in over $6,000 by selling her excess breast milk to these bodybuilders. After word had gotten out that she had extra breast milk (on the underground market), she started getting multiple request for some. After that her “business” just took off, and after seven months she has sold nearly 133 gallons of her own breast milk to strangers. Wow, yeah that’s a lot of strangers drinking fluids that came out her body.

BTW, there is no proof that the milk actually helps build muscle mass. Seems like it may be more of a fetish thing for some, of which she said she has delt with on certain requests.

Here’s the complete article: Yahoo

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