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Here’s What’s In The $6000 Doomsday Prep Kit From CostCo

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Here's What's In The $6000 Doomsday Prep Kit From CostCo

Are you a doomsday prepper?

Some having been prepping for an apocalypse for a good part of their lives, building underground, self-sufficient bunkers and stocking them with everything they would need. I’ve watched a couple documentaries about this, and although it may seem a little crazy how “out there” these individuals are, at least they are being pro-active for the cause.

Costco is the latest big-box store offering what they feel is the ultimate doom’s day prep kit. Now, it doesn’t include an underground, build-it-youself bunker, but it does offer food to feed a family of four. It’s a supply large enough to last you at least a year in the event that a doomsday ever occurred.

Here’s what you get for $6000, which equates to around $16 per day to feed you family, not bad. -GM

(72) Hard White Wheat (30 year shelf life)
(72) White Rice (30 year shelf life)
(72) Elbow Macaroni Pasta (25 year shelf life)
(72) Instant Rotini Pasta (25 year shelf life)
(42) Instant Pinto Bean Flakes (30 year shelf life/Canada)
(36) Instant Black Beans (30 year shelf life/Canada)
(36) Instant Lentils (30 year shelf life/Canada)
(36) Instant Milk (25 year shelf life)
(36) Dehydrated Potatoes (25 year shelf life)
(16) Beef TVP (10 year shelf life)
(16) Chicken TVP (10 year shelf life)
(12) Freeze-dried Corn (25 year shelf life)
(8) Freeze-dried Broccoli (25 year shelf life/Mexico)
(8) Freeze-dried Green Beans (25 year shelf life/New Zealand)
(8) Dehydrated Apples (25 year shelf life)
(8) Butter Powder (5 year shelf life)
(8) White Sugar (30 year shelf life)
(8) Brown Sugar (10 year shelf life)
(6) Dehydrated Carrots (10 year shelf life/Poland)
(6) Freeze-dried Bananas (25 year shelf life / Country of Origin: Ecuador)
(6) Freeze-dried Raspberries (25 year shelf life/Chile/Serbia)
(6) Freeze-dried Strawberries (25 year shelf life/Mexico)
(4) Freeze-dried Onions (25 year shelf life/India)
(2) Chicken Bouillon (5 year shelf life)
(2) Shortening Powder (3 year shelf life)
(2) Iodized Salt (30 year shelf life)

Source: CostCo

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