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Challenge Me With Your Basketball Bracket

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Challenge Me With Your Basketball Bracket

The road to the championship starts this week in the NCAA, and I finally got the chance to sit down and fill out my bracket today. I will tell you that I don’t really follow any college basketball except for this time of the year, in the madness of March hehe.

Let’s do this for bragging rights, fill out your bracket by gametime tomorrow and follow along to see how points are stacking up against me, and everyone else playing Bracket Buster! It’s free, after all, and there are a bunch of great prizes for the top place finishers (and the last). 🙂

My username is GaryMichaelsMic so you can see how awesome (or how bad) my picks are lol. Hey, I did actually win this a couple years ago, and I went all the way and correctly guessed the championship game as well. -GM

Fill out your bracket here: Bracket Buster

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