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Ladies, Cycling Raises Your Sex Drive

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Ladies, Cycling Raises Your Sex Drive

As spring officially launches, more and more people are getting out for a run, walk, hike or bike ride. Fresh air and exercise feels great, and for women who ride bicycles on the regular, you’re getting quite a nice benefit! Bicycle riding for women increases sexual desire. That’s even more the reason to ride more this year. With that being said, we have a lot of great places to bike in our area, so enjoy them, and any benefits you may get along with it! ūüėČ -GM


Scientists believe that some sporting activities, like cycling, may improve your sex life.

Women who regularly engage in cycling experience an increase in sexual desire, scientists at the University of California in San Francisco found, in a study published by MedicalXpress.

The research concluded that active female bicyclers in¬†general have better sexual function and are less likely to¬†suffer sexual disorders compared to¬†women who don’t do sports.

Thus, the research refuted some previous studies suggesting that bike riders are more likely to have serious sexual problems than non-cyclists.

At the same time, the researchers stressed, that they more often suffer from a urinary tract infection, genital numbness and saddle sores.

The infections often occur due to¬†the pressure that the seat exerts on¬†the intimate area, “pushing” pathogenic bacteria deep into¬†the body. Long bike rides might also lead to¬†the clamping of¬†blood vessels and, as¬†a consequence, to¬†numbness of¬†the genital organs.

The study involved 3,118 women, half of whom regularly ride a bicycle. Physicians compared the state of their health, taking into account factors such as age, general condition of the cardiovascular system and body mass index.


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