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OK, I Joke About Not Liking Cats, But Really??

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
OK, I Joke About Not Liking Cats, But Really??

Yeah, I joke about not being a fan of cats, but I would never condone abuse of an animal like this. According to, a father and daughter have been charged with mistreatment of animals for neutering two kittens with, are you ready for this? A razor blade. Ouch! William A. Miller of Onalaska, and his daughter Melissa Miller who’s from La Crosse, allegedly neutered two kittens who were 5 months old. According to the complaint,  Melissa held the cats down with a leather sleeve while William cut off the cat’s testicles with a razor blade. It took about two minutes per cat and William told police they did it because his daughter could not afford veterinarian costs. Here the link to the story where you can read the full complaint.

Again, I’m not a cat fancier, but c’mon! There had to be better options than performing your own neutering! I know Bob Barker always said to spay and neuter, but I don’t think he meant do it yourself!


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