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Time To Freak Out: Taco Bell Is Taking Nacho Fries Off The Menu!

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Time To Freak Out: Taco Bell Is Taking Nacho Fries Off The Menu!

With so much to get worked up about these days, from gun control to immigration and everything in between, social media is absolutely losing it’s mind because Taco Bell has announced it is taking Nacho Fries off the menu. SAY IT AIN’T SO!!! When they were introduced back in late January, they quickly became the Bell’s most popular new product release ever. The company said that one out of every three orders included the spicy fries that came with a side of gooey nacho cheese. Taco Bell said it’s gone through about 9 million pounds of potatoes and 600,000 gallons of cheese sauce. To be fair, they did say they would be here for a limited time, but why would you pull something so popular off the menu? Some experts say it’s because they’ve actually run out of fries.

But regardless of why, the good news is that Taco Bell is adamant that the apparently beloved fries will return. “Fry fans can find solitude in knowing its all-time best selling product launch ever won’t be gone for long as we already have a return slated for this summer,” a press release reportedly stated. The chain posted a similar sentiment on Twitter.


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