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There Was A Very Uninvited Guest Saturday Night

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
There Was A Very Uninvited Guest Saturday Night

Police in Sarasota, Florida responded to a report Saturday night of an intruder taking a late night swim in Patricia Carver’s swimming pool. The intruder? An 11-foot alligator! Patricia says the gator tore through her screened-in porch to get inside the pool area. Officials called in a trapper who carefully captured the gator and pulled it out of the pool. The sheriff’s office didn’t specify what happened to the gator after it was captured, but state wildlife officials consider alligators found in populated areas “nuisance” if they are longer than 4 feet, and they’re typically euthanized instead of relocated because they tend to return to the area where they were captured.



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