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Steve Harvey’s Wife Is In Hot Water For Using The “R” Word

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Steve Harvey's Wife Is In Hot Water For Using The “R” Word

Steve Harvey is defending his wife Marjorie after she landed herself in some hot water on social media. Earlier this week, Marjorie posted a video of her and Steve slicing up fruits and veggies while making juice in their kitchen. In the clip, Marjorie uses the “r” word. Let’s just say it’s the outdated descriptive word typically aimed at people with intellectual disabilities. In the video, she says, “I’m sitting here arguing with my husband, ’cause clearly he thinks I’m “r”, and I don’t know how to cut a beet.” The video sparked outrage among social media users, who flooded the post with over 3,000 comments. Harvey soon intervened, jumping to his wife’s defense, saying it’s just a word and she’s using it about herself, but his defense of her has generated it’s own backlash. You can take a look at the post and judge for yourself.

Too early in the morning for this! 🙄 I just want to make some fresh juice

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