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A Texas Teacher Goes Viral After Calling It Quits

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
A Texas Teacher Goes Viral After Calling It Quits

Teacher Julie Marburger has had it. The 45-year-old Texas middle school teacher has decided to give up teaching at the end of the school year, but in a March 28¬†Facebook post that has gone majorly viral, she writes that she didn’t know if she would even make it even that long. She posted that parents have become far too disrespectful, their kids are worse, and administrators just want to keep parents happy. She goes on to say that the root of the issue is that parents are coddling and enabling their children, and it has to stop. So Marburger has had enough and she’s throwing in the towel. Her post has been shared more than 420,000 times, and she says¬†she was worried people might take offense. Instead, she’s found more support, as says she’s exploring her options in terms of her teaching future.



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