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Mummified Monkey Found In Old Daytons Store In Minneapolis

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
Mummified Monkey Found In Old Daytons Store In Minneapolis

I found this story to be quite interesting. First of all, it was sad when Macys Department Stores announced the closings of many stores across the United States last year. One of those was their flagship store in downtown Minneapolis, which back in the day was Daytons Department Store. I had been there a few times in my life, having grown up north of the Minneapolis area, and it was a very impressive store with eight levels of retail bliss.

Fast forward to now, with crews working on the old building for future commercial space, only to find a mummified monkey in the 7th floor’s air duct work. So, wear did the monkey come from?

The Old Minneapolis Facebook page posted the photo of the deceased primate, asking it’s followers to fill in the blanks, and it wasn’t long before people responded. According to multiple sources, back in the ’60s there was a “Pet-O-Rama” on the 8th floor of Daytons which housed a whole bunch of unique pets. A long-time an employee of Daytons recalled a monkey escaping from the display, getting struck by a fan blade (that would explain the gash on the mummy), and later it would find itself in the air duct only to perish, where it would remain for over forty years.

Neat story, although unfortunate for the monkey! -GM

Photo credit: Adam Peterson- Old Minneapolis

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