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Half Of Millennials Can’t Cook A Chicken

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
Half Of Millennials Can't Cook A Chicken

I tell ya, Millennials get ragged on so much. To be fair though, I wouldn’t consider myself a great cook either, although I can cook a chicken. I just don’t cook that often in general lol. BTW I’m technically a Xennial, just between Generation X and Millennials, which I quite like, being in such an exclusive group.  But I digress, let’s talk survey facts.

• Only 5% of Millennial and Generation X respondents consider themselves “very good” at cooking

• Half of Millennials said they wouldn’t be able to competently roast a chicken

• 47% of Millennials reported being able to properly braise meat, 56% could identify a garlic press


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