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3 Out Of 4 Parents Admit To Snooping On Child’s Smartphone

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3 Out Of 4 Parents Admit To Snooping On Child's Smartphone

IMO if you have a child on your plan, living under your roof, you have the right to snoop. It’s a matter of their safety. Now, if only they could see it the same way, and just hand their phone over for inspection on your demand.

With that being said, is there a certain age limit where you feel you probably shouldn’t be snooping? Or, is it anything goes if they are under 18? Are you going to know where and what to be snooping for?

Good luck, because if you get caught your kid may really not like you…for a long time. -GM


New research, commissioned by mobile parenting company ParentWise, found three out of four parents admit to checking up on their child by checking out their device. And 84 percent don’t feel bad about it.

“This is your device on your plan, this is your child,” said Victoria Brown Parker.

60% of parents say kid’s don’t have the right to privacy , but the same number aren’t sure where to look, while spying. Even more parents admit their children are more tech-savvy than they are.

Six in ten say the cell phone hinders their ability to raise children and a whopping 89 percent worry what their child might see. So, why do we buy them phones again?

“It’s the only way to communicate with our kids sometimes,” said Othman.

“I think they’re going to be exposed to things whether they have a cell phone or not,” said Danielle Constantine of Connecticut.

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