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In The Kitchen With Alice From The Brady Bunch

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In The Kitchen With Alice From The Brady Bunch

Throw Back Thursday With The Brady Bunch….Popcorn, bologna and anchovies. They go together like Cindy, Jan and Marcia.

In 1972, the Brady Bunch were the kings, queens, princes and princesses of pop. Not only was their Technicolor television kitchen a second home for all of us, the blended family had also released five albums and launched a spin-off cartoon. There were Brady Bunch toys, Brady Bunch board games, and Brady Bunch lunch boxes.

And, hey, what better to fill those Brady Bunch lunch boxes than some Brady Bunch recipes?

As summer was ending in 1974, the Brady gang — well, minus Mike, Greg and Tiger — gathered in the pages of Ladies Home Journal to promote the upcoming fourth season of The Brady Bunch. Because this is the ultimate pop family, Alice, Carol and the kids presented nine recipes featuring popcorn, in a piece titled “What’s Popping with the Brady Bunch?”

Yeah, popcorn. It’s seemingly more versatile than a movie snack. At least, Ladies Home Journey found a way to sneak it into everything from chicken dishes to desserts.

Popcorn-stuffed Chicken

Good luck getting a kid Cindy’s age to eat chicken stuffed with prunes, celery and vinegary popcorn. They’ll stick with the nuggets, thanks.

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