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Lean Cuisine Needs To Learn How To Google

La Crosse, WI, United States / KICKS 106.3
Lean Cuisine Needs To Learn How To Google

Someone at Lean Cuisine apparently forgot to Google the name of their latest product. The company recently launched a program called “Nutria,” described as “the next step in personalized nutrition.”

The say it uses your DNA to decide what food you should eat, meaning, for some reason, Lean Cuisine is somehow collecting your DNA. But that aside, if they would have Googled the word “nutria”, they would have discovered their brand new program is named after one of the least-loved animals in Oregon: the nutria, which is a large, orange-toothed, water-loving rodent native to South America that reproduces like crazy and now thrives in a variety of states and Canada. People who live near rivers in Oregon are very familiar with these little dudes, which resemble an ugly beaver. No word yet on a response from Lean Cuisine!



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